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This plugin requires the Advanced Custom fields plugin. You can import the custom fields group from the acf-advent-day.json file.
This plugin requires the Custom Post Type UI plugin (cpt-ui). You can import the required Custom post type from the cptui-advent_day.json file.
You then need to go to the `Advent Calendar` > `Calendar settings` page. There you can check the `Create Days` checkbox to quickly create all 24 advent calendar days.
You can also set a title and background image for the Advent Calendar page. Note uploading on this page is broken, but if you upload to your media library (Media > Add new), you can select an image from this page.
For each day, you should upload an image as the 'treat' or specify a (short) video. You can add a motto or joke. Don't forget to publish it when done.
Then on the Advent Calendar page ( - maybe add it to your menu), your visitors can click on each day to reveal the 'treat' and motto or Joke. Clicking on the Joke question will reveal the punch line!
Only the days for today or earlier can be opened. The one that have been opened are saved as a cookie for each visitor.
There is a debug mode where you can pretend it is some day in December for testing purposes. Don't forget to turn it off when you launch your calendar.
If you wish to override the display of the calendar or individual days, you can copy the `templates/archive-advent_day.php` and `templates/content-advent_day.php` files to your theme and modify them.
== Changelog ==
= 0.1.0 =
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